Fix "Ads by Compareitapplication"

posted on 13 Jul 2015 17:15 by nodtem32 in General directory Tech
## What's happen **Ads by compareitapplication** is a annoy malware displaying ads both popup and result page of Google's search. A number of the removals of this malware have been report. 1. remove suspicious programs by uninstall them in `control panel -> programs and features` 2. remove suspicious extensions in chrome by `chrome://extensions/` However, these methods did not work with my case. **ads by compareitapplication** might be adapted to live in stealth mode. * I've check all processes with window task manager: no malware process found * I've check all services: no malware service found * So, my last hypothesis is **ads by compareitapplication** is change or replace Google chrome dll or exe file. ## My solution (works but not best) * backup your Google's account * uninstall Google chrome * install new one * IE may not work to download installer; use this link []( ## Updates 7/9/2015 * Try to remove `DNSUnlocker` ads by using `Hitman Pro`. The ads loader (javascript) still loaded into any webpage * Use `Window Firewall` (`Control Panel > Window Firewall > Advance setting`) block a list of specific IP address (such as and